Bumpkin and the Pumpking

Bumpkin escaped from the junkyard last week, Vivian picked her up in the beat up cop car and handed her shaking hand a beer as they drove down the road. All the while, Bumpkin wished she had a camera while zipping pass the naked trees.
They pulled into the lot filled with beat up trucks abandoned by their whore Cadillac girl friends and Bumpkin was immediately scared for them. All she had on was a Hello Kitty nightgown and green striped socks and a purple hat.
“My man is Charlie, his old man owns this fucked up place. Girl there is so much drama here, all the men are gonna wanna fuck you baby.”

Bumpkin told Vivian the crazy crackhead that her heart had been broken and the crackhead asked Bumpkin who broke it and Bumpkin said,”I did.”

“You, look at you. There is nothing left to break but those skinny bones baby. Why are you so sad, let it go. Let him go, My man’s thirty eight year old kid thinks your cute as fuck baby.”

Bumpkin told the crackhead that she did not want to let him go, Bumpkin wanted to let herself go. Break my face Bumpkin asked the crackhead twice.

“Look Vivian my heart is dead, it was ripped out my chest by me myself and I and I stabbed it with my bones that I broke on purpose just so I could kill my own heart. I don’t want to fucking sleep with you or any fucking nasty ass redneck.” “Bitch, don’t fucking talk to me like that, I picked your ass up when you had nothing, less than 14 hours ago and you talk to me like that.”
Blah blah, Bumpkin woke up naked her own undoing all alone in a junkyard her only friend a dead rotting rat in the corner. She wished she gave him a name.
As she looked out the window the painting on the wall the one with the bears twitched. Bumpkin slowly walked towards it and sat down on the red blanket bed breasts hanging out of white long johns.
“Hey you.”
“Oh I see now you talk to me Mr Bear while I had nothing but a dead rat friend for hours.”
“I have been watching you sleep, you are pretty when you sleep in a strange way.”
“Mr Bear, do you think I am beautiful, I mean can you see right through me?”
“Not only can I see right through you, I can see you. The you that you hide.”
Bumpkin began to cry, she cried so hard her shoulders broke onto the floor.
“Don’t cry so hard, come here I will help you see.”

Bumpkin felt the ground below her disappear. Nothing but nothing not even nothing under. She fell back against the painting but her head hit nothing and suddenly she was stuck in a tree. Logs all around her.
There was the bear, eating blueberries and honey sticks smiling at her.
“Look around you, do you see anything at all?”
Looking around Bumpkin saw the sun and the moon and the stars and the face of The Shadow Man all over the place. There was lavender blooming in the shadow of the gray night. Bumpkin saw herself looking into the painting crying.
“Do you see yourself my sweet? Your tears are like honey something I have been wanting to taste all day.”
“Mr Bear, I..?
“Look at yourself in the mirror, do you see yourself? Look behind you, do you see yourself? Do you see that you have created this beautiful dream and you can create many more but you must stop creating hell as I assure you, hell will never let you be, never let you grow, never let you see these stars and the moon and the sun and his face all around you. All you will see in hell is forever pain and looking back over your shoulder and you will never be able to get away.”

The thought of that made her faint, Mr Bear caught her and before she passed out. He whispered in her ear,”True love is loving yourself first, you are honey you are your own soul mate. Find your destiny and yourself and you will find love in others who are like yourself.”

Bumpkin woke up and she was on the highway, face down covered in rocks and spit. She felt like Courtney Love, when she lost her virginity she crossed the train tracks with come dripping her legs. Bumpkin could not feel any come dripping down her legs but then again she was laying down. Standing up was hard, she wobbled and fell on her face. Well at least she moved an inch or two.
Bumpkin tried to get up again but she fell on her face again. Goodness.
“Ma’m, we need you to get up.”
Bumpkin tried again to get up but she could not move right, her arms were not the same arms.
So they arrested her and let her sleep. Bumpkin tried to explain that her wings fell off and she never learned how to walk like rednecks do.
All Bumpkin thought about was The Gray Shadow Man and the kitten and it’s body on the sidewalk. The image of Shadow Man’s broken body bleeding next to the kitten she suddenly puked. She had killed them both.
The light was spinning ahead and all Bumpkin could make was the flats of the shoes of the dancers twirling spinning in green gauze. Running through them and around asking for change. Pennies spilled from the rainbows above and when she tried to catch them. Bumpkin was pulled back by cats in black diamond masks.
“Meow, tata tata meow, we have come to take you away, the Pumpking has been asking for you.”
Country Bumpkin girl when will you stop running?
Bumpkin girl replied,”When this world of mine stops spinning in backward circles and when the streets turn into golden cotton candy.”
Those swallow birds ate up that pumpkin and fell flat on their backs, reaching around the pettifogged skirts revealing their surprises.
Knock on that tree and let the other self out, this story was written by swallowing throats. Country Bumpkin girl set up her store in the forest and all she had for sale was Little John’s tunic and a pair of broken child proof scissors.

Bumpking fell back asleep in his arms and dreamed of Mr Bear. They danced in high heeled boots made out of plastic. Bumpkin had the scissors in her left hand and she was cutting open the air trying to find a portal into a pumpkin.
“Mr Bear, will he ever come back?”
“Well Mrs almost Bumpkingray, do you want him too?”
She thought about it for a while, a while seemed like ten stories high and Bumpkin fell out the window and landed on her decision.
Sadist hopscotch the squares of the many faces and hearts she had broke.
“I don’t want to play like that anymore, I am done jumping.”

Stumbling down the hills of the heart forest, cracking her knees and neck but she did not die, tumbling down further and further until she crashed into a silver monkey holding a bouquet of teapots.
“Excuse me dear.” said the monkey
Bumpkin looked up and saw him smiling at her .
“These are for you.”
He handed her the teapots, one was drooping, there were about 5 or six teapots steaming hot whistling pink smoke.
“Um, Oh, really?”
“Yes the Pumpking wants to meet you, he has heard much about you from the Wild Bear that lives in the Crazy Wood.”
“Mr. Bear?”

“Yes, Mr Bear he has been to see the Pumpking about you. You have become quite famous around these woods.”
“What woods? The woods in the painting I am in? This is not real, it is only a painting it has to be a dream.”
“Dreams are only what you make them to be, when you were kidnapped by those awful people that kept you tied down in that bed, were you not in a delirious dream?”

Vivian sat down next to me and stroked my ugly forehead.
“Suck my pussy and then I will let you go.”
SLASH, BLOOD SQUIRTED everywhere on the red bed, the stone walls, and all over my face.
“Wait a second, were we not just in the painting?”
The silver monkey replied,”There are two of you, you know. One inside the painting, your happy free self.. she is still in there and you the sad self is out here.”

The silver monkey and I gazed down at the carnage of Vivian. She seemed a peace in her own blood face ripped open by monkey claws. I almost felt bad but then I remembered the abandoned pick up trucks and their tears and then I spat on her hair and walked out the door with the monkey leaving behind Bumpkin and Pumpking and Mr Bear. I knew I would run into them again but when I did not know.

The silver mon