lima bean was a cocksucker

Lima Bean loved chili she loved chili so much she ate it in the shower. She never ate bean chili it felt like she was eating her own kind eating beans. She was not a real bean but her ears were shaped like giant lima beans and that is how she got the name. Her father was a mexican disco dancer who lived under a pile of cocks near highway 87. Wherever that is Lima had no clue she did not fucking drive she just knew that because her fucking Mother never shut up about her husband leaving her for a pile of cocks.

Lima always wondered if it ever got sweaty living under a bunch of cocks. She assumed so. All those drippings of sweaty hanging balls sacks resting on top of your head. How uncomfortable.

Her brother Marzipan lived in the cupboard above the lamp that never worked. That fucking thing never turned on. It just sat there collecting dust over the years that useless piece of junk.