letters from bird

Feb 18th 2011 7pm
Jaded Beauty,
There 363 holes in my air vent. Thought you would want to know. 41 days until freedom. Tomorrow is your birthday just don’t get too drunk I worry about you. So I don’t know what to do to kill time. It’s like it is slowing down as soon as my release date get’s closer. Wish I could sleep my time away, wish I could just walk out of here but that is not an option.
Let’s find a bathtub and make a Christina and Jason ice cream sundae. We are going to have so much fun for the rest of out lives! I love you!!!
I hope I never make you cry it seems you have cried enough. I am so glad you are mine and I am yours. I know my heart is safe in your hands.
Always yours,

Feb 20th 2pm
Can’t wait to get our tattoos and get married. I want to be yours forever and you to be mine. My kids are going to love you and hopefully you can come to think of them as our kids. Then you and I can have our beautiful babies. Our genetics will rule the world someday. Just shaved my head and I like it. I hope you will like it , I think you will. Can’t wait to get the fuck out of here and listen to some real music and make love you.
Did you call Jasmine and Odessa?
There is this book series about a girl named Dante Valentine. I have only read the last one of the series.

Feb 20 2011
I hope that your birthday was the best one ever! Praying all is well with you and that I hear something soon because Tony scared the crap out of me. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you. Please let me know because I would not be able to handle it.
So how did you learn about Neil Gaiman? You are just so cool! I love the stuff we have in common. Can’t wait to get out so you can take advantage of me.

Goodnight sweetest of wettest dreams, wish you had a way of getting a current photo of me. I pray you are bing safe and I wait patiently as possible for our reunion. I love you Christina.

Feb 21st 3:30 pm
My fellow jailbird, well I hope you are having more fun than I am. At least you are getting your stuff out of the way. This way we won’t lose each other again. Waiting to get a memo from Tony with all of your info so I will know where to write you. I love you, update your facebook let them know.

Goodnight beloved
Sweetest of dreams know that you are in my thoughts. Still waiting on the batch about your info god knows you will probably be out before I get the pink slips. Hey! with your warrants taken care of you can come visit!
Still loving you

Feb 22 2011
Lover, staring at your photos wishing I could just walk out of here and come find you.
All I do in here is work sleep and dream of you. I love the way your mail smells I miss the way you smell. Wish I was with you. Of course I will go to the open mics and the writers groups with you. Go to hell and back if you asked me to but seeing that we have already been there hell we met there, I’d still go back with you.
Do you like New Order? They are the band that Joy Divison became! Cool huh?
Peter Hooks is one of my favorite bass players.
Wish you were here right now, you turn me on so bad. I hope you know how much you mean to me. Hopefully we can convince Hillsboro that everything that has happened this year including my father’s deathto release the hold and let me somehow cover the fine. WA county really sucks and it would suck to spend 10 days there when I really don’t need too.
You know I want to hold you and keep you safe from all the people that try to take advantage of you and hurt you. I have been there before, around those people that take people like us for granted. I never want to take you for granted.

Feb 22nd 8:30 pm
My jaded love,]I am not feeling so well tonight so I am turning in for the night. I love you.

Feb 23rd 6am
My soulmate
I know jail sucks but remember it is only temporary. Know that I love you. I am you and you are me. Always. Forget Michael. I’ll beat his punk bitch ass and turn him out if you want me too. You are amazing and anyone who says otherwise is jealous stupid idiot. Plus I don’t fuck fat girls, know that I love very much!!!! MUAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Angel

Old Bible Thumper
drag me down to the river
ain’t no water clean enough to save my soul
Put my faith in Chiba, Weed and Whiskey
easier to believe in miracles I can behold
still a work in progress just know that I love you
we can get through anything