Emails from Michael Aaron Gray Orangeville Ohio

This is me. I’m the first person that truly gave you a chance. You??? I really saw inside not the whore they made you. I loved you inside the simple being that was there. you never let that out when we got here. I should have left you in Seattle. I made them make the plane late for you. If I had gotten on the plane I would have been here before that. I loved you, but you never understood how much. you though it was a whim or a magic thing that I was doing? That I would keep being able to make monkey money and move on?

I hope you read this sober. I know you won’t respond until you are drunk. The same reason you lost your son. Its the same reason you lost me. I do not read anything you send me anymore. Pretty much the same thing.

You know something I really really truly tried to say something angry to you. I wanted to tell you to go die or something or some stupid shit like you would say. Something you would love to scream at my face. But you should either sober up for just you self. or well…. no one likes you aside from me past your …. well it could take a whale dick….

I did want you all you can do is say I did’t you fucked with my job

I hope you are well. No matter what happens to you or to me I will ever wish evil on you. I forgive you.

Engaged? LMAO you really are an idiot. I know you were only using me. You should just go fucking die for your birthday. You use people and they use you. That’s all you do and thats all you expect. Take your snagle tooth ass and die. Jump in front of a bus? Jump off a pier like you tried to scare me with? Go away. I actually almost hate you more than my mother you worthless soulless whore. Get a job get a life and stop using people. OR kill your pathetic ass. You do nothing but make other peoples lives total shit. Look around you. Who ever loved you. Not even your parents did. No one wants you. No one really loved you aside from my retarded ass. Now I don’t love you. I fucking hate you.

P.S. WTF are you talking about I tried to kill you? and you are the one who told me that you were fucking rednecks for a place to stay. never mind you are making shit up again to make your pathetic world safe again for your idiot mind.

P.S.S. I am never going to respond to you again. You are not worth it. Useless pathetic fucking user. Soulless whore never forget Karma is a bitch.