i married beer and you came along with it

I fell down the stairs and cracked my head
my neighbor raped me
left for dead
I woke up fucking drunk
stumbled up the stairs and knocked on your door
the baby and answered

You grabbed the door out his hand
“Bitch, I am sick of your shit.
“I promise, I promise not to fuck up.”

I drank a beer at 6am, the baby was sleeping in his arms
I did not want this life, I wanted this life

flesh thief
why are you shaking?
you wanted his cock, you got his baby
now you don’t have his cock
you lost the baby

all you do is remember
the past does not matter
who cares there will be more stairs
more cock
more babies
more pervert neighbors
more cherries
more flesh to eat
more beer

more skin to make dresses
the blood be your thread
lights all around
face between her legs
push, push
you like the taste of my sex
I like the taste of my sex
I like the way you taste
Love the way you feel
sex addict
loser of babies
you told him while he held you
“My baby died, I never got over her.’
“I am going to kill myself in a year, just watch.
You watched while he fucked you in red boots
You had his baby
a baby that lived
and you still lost that one
Don’t give me baby keys
I will forget what door they came out of

the past is past
there will be more cock
more keys
more secrets that strangers give to keep
more stairs
more beer
more things to lose
you are young
don’t worry
I know where your mind is
I saw it at the Quickie Mart
next the Cheetos

I also saw your wedding ring the one you swallowed
in a glass jar with all those secrets
it was sharing a joint with your virginity
the bus driver found the jar
behind the house
when you escaped
that asian lady gave you shoes
she knew you were coming