Odin and the Meth Head Rainbow

Odin, hold my hand.”

Where are you going with a backpack full of meth?
To the stars, this pack is worth 600 bucks.

plastic men, the same kind you buy for 25 cents. Laughed at me while I drank my beer in the back of the bus.
“Nah, nah nah nah nah.”

“Odin, I remember my dead baby, I could feel her smiling when she slipped out of me.”
“Your boyfriend is a lucky man.”
“Why Odin?”
“Keep holding my hand.”

Yesterday I saw a rainbow. A fading rainbow
Lasted for 45 seconds
David held my hand while I thought of all the promises these rainbows promised me
like a
Unicorn that only appeared to you
while you where dying

I am a failure, a suicide life A phobe
that can’t even kill herself right
“Why, Odin? Why tell me that you are smuggling drugs on the bus?”
‘Well, you look like the kind of person that keeps secrets well hidden.”

We held hands for 4 hours, I dreamed of you
I would gladly end for you.
I am nothing but a speck of amazing dust
suicidal dust that justs wishes to be just dust
a sparkle of dust under this fucking rainbow
that only comes when my blue sky eyes