dolphin girl

Once upon a time on a dock by the ocean lived a girl who fell asleep in a basket.

when she woke up she was in a blue blanket, this blue blanket reminded her of someone called mother. There was a house in this memory, a cottage like mansion where she had her own garden and nothing bothered her. She had never seen the ocean before, the only water she had ever known was the water that fed her flower friends. The water came from the cows, these were strange cows. Cow water was a magical thing. It kept the flowers alive for thousands of years. Cow water had kept her whole family alive for thousands of years.

“Oh basket, why can’t I remember where I came from?”
She did not expect the basket to answer, how could it? It was only a small wicker basket. If only the basket knew how good it’s life was.

How could she remember cow water but not the life before? There were no houses around, no people, no something called mother. Nothing but her and this basket and thousands of miles of water. Was God a cow?

She realized she was naked when the wind tickled her nipples. Invisible lips reminded her of someone called I Love You.