lonely coffee

he woke up on a tuesday
it was raining inside due to the broken roof
he had no money to pay for it
so there were buckets of fuckits all over the floor
everything was ruined

she woke up on a bed that wasn’t hers
it was a tuesday and it was raining outside
she did not know this man on the bed
there were clothes and condoms all over the floor
everything was ruined

the man put on his coat and walked outside
it was sunny and warm
the birds were chirping sweet songs
he needed coffee

the woman silently put her clothes back on
she slipped a few bills out of his wallet into her pocket
walked outside
it was gray and cold
the birds were flying
she needed coffee

the man walked into the cafe
he was the only one inside that place
it did not matter
too many people while he drank coffee
bothered him

she walked into the cafe
it was packed inside that place
she took her coffee to go
walked out the door

the man felt so very lonely
what lonely cafe