Stick your tongue out
bend over for me will you little girl
the doctor will be in in a couple minutes
please just have a seat over there
do you have any sharp objects in your pockets
when was the last time you cried
you know you seem so selfish
there are many dead people that wish they had lives
so put a smile on that face of yours
tell the doctor how you feel inside
you seem to have a problem loving yourself
you seem to have an issue with everyone
I can’t give you any Valium
the last time I tried to do that you choked on your vomit
the paperwork clearly states
that you have a problem with Authority figures
that does not really suprise me
I see you have cut yourself again
you have been coming here for 20years now
why do you keep coming back
those people outside will never get you
they never have and I doubt they ever will
marie was the girl who fucked herself with spoons
Nina liked to talk herself counting the drips of pee on her underwear
Mike Nurse came in and told stories with his cock out