I wonder what life would be like, if I choose to marry you eight years go.
When I was pregnant, if I choose to have an abortion would I have such a problem drinking trying to forget.
What if I married Brian who died in Paris or what if Peter and I got married..
I liked his mother.. What if I never talked to Eric and just went on my way..
What if I never met Marcus Silverhorn?
What if I never crossed the street when would I have had sex?
What if I sad no to the many questions.. Why did I always say yes but then no…
It makes no sense but then it does.. just like choosing to walk up these steps and not out the door..
I loved doors, door whore.. Pimp door.. Door..
The word door makes no sense but then again it does like the word does,
when you look at does does it look funny or is that just me?
Too much time to think.. I need a hug, feel the hair on your legs whisper to my back, tuck me in..
Sweet dreams, what if I never see you again..funny me..
I know you love me.. I love you..
I loved the way the crib creaked when I picked you up to feed you, so cozy..
there are many of you.. Loved lost lovers family..
What if I never met your father, the world would be empty without you…
Oh you, the other you..
It has been such a struggle but I am happy knowing that you were once mine..
Dear lover the other you.. The only other one beside the babe…
I love you more than fresh strawberries… You last longer in my mouth