waiting room

my man got caught for murder, he probably would escape if he could but security is tight around the parts with all the bars floors of porridge ad booklets brain is fried after crying so much wishing to be touched by someone other than this silence Overwhelming, sometimes I wonder how I made it this far without my heart
then I remember those other hearts that I stole from these humans throughout the years.
Crying in my beer, thing of waiting rooms and shackles glitter up my nose.
It is ok it only snow, a little will not kill you.
Make you harder like the powder dusted all over your face while you planned the escape of life,
the lady went on and about her man, murder three, never to taste tea again walk like a man see the ocean drink the sand,
kill a man and you become dead like him
I am lucky you did not kill a man
I can think of some that deserve to die, their time will come soon enough.
I just wont be the one to do it.