This turtle was depressed, this shell of his was full on empty. He decided to go visit the Hippie witch who lived in a dead dragon skull for help…
That hippie witch was a real bitch. Snorting rotting mushrooms in the beds of virgins.
The turtle always craved a shell that did not feel like hell…
His mother died when he was 9. After her funeral he dreamed of a girl with blue eyes
Turtle was so sad that when he sat down on the couch, he thought that the plastic bag was a kitten.
That plastic bag seemed so furry out of the corner of his eye.. But then it just never meowed.
The pills on the street were so much cheaper than the hippie witches shit. When the turtle was half dead in front of the taco bell, he plunged a syringe in his twitch
Close to 29 dead

This news did help the turtle get off the smack.
Four twenty, what a holiday for people like us, train hopper I love you
What a turtle dove, I once saw my probation officer in a secret meeting for people that like to drink or they used too….
The hippie witch had my virginity on the 7 shelf next to the gangster shells.. Those poor turtles never should have died
Turtle was nervous, he had heard from Goat God that the witch was a dirty cunt..
Street level dealers always suck the cock of pigs
You were in my nightmare last night, so you know what you’ve been up to.