crack eyes

I got kidnapped for three hours by a crack dealer..
who kept me on a hill in queen anne…
I ran down the hill and fell
busted up my knees
his eyes were like his girlfriend’s rapist
the whole entire time we were walking in the park on my right
there was a crow that could not fly so it just hopped right along with me
cut with a slice of staph infection, you can’t help the bird
with bad energy
don’t leave VIOLET VIOLET
don’t you want to do what your man said?

he was a dark man with a stained shirt, homeless
the only reason I went with him was because he said he would help us

he said you are pretty, reminded me of the dark man who picked me up on the side
of the road when I was what age?, dirty movies big dead cock.. so gullible
not every one is nice

jason tells me it is a good thing, like a virgin in my head everything is pure
mentally challenged? viewing the world like this?
bad people everywhere, under rocks