it needs to be beaten like a dying fairy

crackling in the light too bright said the candle
i need a man a drink
please sir do you smoke? I need a drag
for sexual bleeding in my spine
this heart I have hurts inside

a spider crawled inside my vagina
pull it out! hand me that empty beer bottle
gotta stick it up inside of me
hold my hand smack my ass
it needs to be beaten like a dying fairy

he is a smile on my sleeve smells like pussy
i figured as much he ate me out last night
he tried to wrap me up in fish scales for dinner
thrashed like a rockstar hey how are you doing
do you remember when we spent 30 days in jail
I had cancer
they are trying to poison you
that is why we made dildos out of candy
I don’t remember all this memory
it needs to be beaten with hooks and dragons cock
it needs to die
like it intended to do when it woke up at 6am
around 9 A clock