flower child and the silver topaz

is going to come pick us up and take us to the cave where the bones
of the great wolf live
we will be gone for 6 weeks rumbling down a mudslide
no ice cream is available but that is ok
ice cream is cold
we will roll smokes with our tongues crossed
the butterflies in my stomach will start smoking the crack
whenever he touches me

we have been trying to get the fuck away for 2 weeks now
what we share in common is bad breath in the morning
i love him so I look past it
he sunburned his feet yesterday I sunburned my back
it felt good when he spit on it
flower child is coming in less than 3 hours
we will have no phone, no computer no nothing
which is fine I want to live like this
running from the law, we are not bad people.. why can’t they just let us GO?
now I am wanted he is wanted we want each other

that lady across from me hates street people fucking cunt
she probably likes basketball games and christian soft rock
the look at mes, I once fucked a bee gee
he hates the way my pussy felt around his cock so he dumped me
for some tweaker bitch only 17 so now I hate
everything that is prettier than me
her husband probably fucks their kids, she knows it but
he is the only piece of ass she will ever get
no one knows that she hunts down street kids and kills them
who would she is blond and has fake tits
wears white slacks

fucking mc donalds
rap should not be allowed and that fat tweaker should die
she stole our food to feed to the rats
she hides in her cunt