story of today

we fell asleep in a tent we got some from hippies
we set up camp on some steps at a church
the chuirch where we first fucked
it was cold so very cold
I could not help but think of fire and how to start fires
we drank mud and held hands through the pukes
the shit the shit we stole the shit we smoked the shit we fucked up
i found a gutterpunk for sale in a box of glass she was really nice but two
mintutes later she died
her body came with a puppy, his name was rainbow

tomorrow we are going to take a walk up million miles of walls
we have walked everywhere Jason and the cops the cops the fucking cops
just hold my hand
but the dope the dope the fucking dope
just hold my hand
but the money the money the fucking money
just hold my hand

when he gets the dope we fly signs for about an hour
I am so cute the old lady said
you are so pretty why are you out on the streets?

I had an apartment a year ago but I could not stay still
I needed space now I have to much space
the only bedroom we have is in a tent on some steps at a presbyterian church
that does not even invite us in
every sunday get up leave
I am not complaining I just find it interesting
rainbow needs flea meds
we got to fly a sign or sell his klonopin to the his friend who tries
to breed with sidewalk chalk, flirts with stop signs
he is crazy but he has money