circus in the trees

it is official the white shirt I fell asleep in is now a junkie
I wanted to kiss Sadie under the bridge, dirty beautiful kid
showers take showers mud collected under nails, smoke dirt beat up cops
find lost dogs and bring them up to be dirty kids
Otters fucking on twigs, spoons and needles cooking for dinner black tar dreams
she was afraid of bubbles but made no complaint as we cooked black tar dreams
in the bathroom, I picked my face while he shot her up
with wishes that would never come true
spider tattoos it took a long time to cop that bag
god fuck we have been waiting for at least an hour, let’s go fly a sign

dirty dirt sex pebbles stuck in my pussy
the troubles are in my pocket and the cops won’t stop fucking following us
we sleep together in the mud dirty kids
get on meds we know you are crazy but I only seem to drink
when I around homes where I can’t seem to escape

I think it is pretty cool you let your man do dope sit back and watch stars counting themselves
touching themselves fanning their genitals with beams of the moons

5 mns left and back out into the sun spare some change? need money for food free food
give me your money I’ve become a professional at throwing rocks knitting socks with my teeth
I like the new me
the panic attacks keep coming so my new medication is his cock up my ass