fuck it fuck it i love you

sell myself to make a buck to get the fuck out of this town
you might cry
it will be over soon the next afternoon
we fly
there is a mean man with a machine gun waiting to shoot us
waiting for us to die

so we talk it over
blood on my shoulder
put the maggots between the cuts to suck up the blood
that mean man is over there beware he has been watching us for three hours now

wish we knew somebody that would give us money so we go
but no
sell my ass or sell some drugs
so we can save enough to cry

fuck it
fuck it
I love you

Everytime we see someone with a badge I want to run away but I look ok
I don’t look like I have no money I don’t look like that junkie honey

i love you more than the whole world in my pan cooking it up like you can