I can’t make it I have cancer in my body

it’s like crack, i tell you it’s like crack wanting your cock
wanting this beer that beer her purse all the clothes in that store just an itch
like crack I tell you those cops they are everywhere smile and wave
it’s like crack fuck I need a cigar smoke like crack right now
fuck I need a beer kiss me

we have no money we fly a sign but everytime we make money you get dope I crave beer
fuck lance, fuck cat fuck shorty and fuck christian fuck them all

has your mom called good kiss me take me apart against here he won’t call he is scared
I can’t make it I have cancer in my body
the baby won’t fit let’s call him boy he makes us laugh
we need to laugh fuck athens code word for jail
everybody remembers your dead fat bitch
I can’t me talk make me listen I listen better than you know