erin williams

from orangeville ohio is a fat pig who pleasures her pathetic life by cutting herself
to Metallica and shitty other bands like Flyleaf and Pink.
Whines whines about being a fat pig, woe is me poor me, I am a fat pig with self esteem
I only knew the fat pig for less than two weeks but in that two weeks the fat slut pig
kissed the”husband” who clearly stated he did not like fat pigs
yet he calls the ambulance and tells them I am having a mental breakdown
which in fact I just drank too much and needed a hug and they were trying to get rid
of me so they could have fat pig sex.
Now I guess they are over.. which I hope she realizes that she should just kill
herself because I don’t even know if her cats can stand the fat pig
and all the shitty music she plays to cut herself.