fairytales in other worldy jails..

we hopped on the 8:45 train down here last night, flew a sign that was stolen at safeway
I worked so hard on it, cardboard mermaids. I smoked the mexican man up, he asked me too
We got married in a church near I love you
the last time I married a field mouse, lived with his sixteen adopted rabbits in a church that kept on burning
cinderella was really a match stick look at the lipstick print all over my husbands dick
I knew it, I finally caught you
trade you my flower child I caught in the bushes she said she was the Governor’s daughter
the pigs arrested the wrong fairytale princess kept her two weeks until slaughter
hopping along the dusty road chains wrapped around my little bro
did not know any better, just took the crack pipe and became a ghost
he had a quest from the dying junkie mermaid to go find a rotten seagull and bring it back
if he came back with two rotten seagulls, she would take him to be her King