The Mothlican Wars

Once upon a time
In a far far far away land
lived a girl
She was only child of the Pelican King
Her name was La La La
She was named after the song of whispers
song of romance
the song that no one ever forgot
La La La’s mother was a Shadow Moth
Shadow Moth’s belonged to the underworld circus of “Wither Heart.”
La La La’s mother was killed when the great fire burned “Wither Heart” to dust and death
After her mother’s death, La La La ran away to the Ring of Roses
On the mountain of “Mournings Bone.”
She cried with the blue sad moon
She begged the vast nothing sky above for a small token
A piece of her beautiful mother’s soul
Morning Dew Star heard La La La’s cries and decided to help the poor princess

Morning Dew Star brought La La La a fragment of her mother
a shard of her mother’s silvery orange wings
The Morning Star informed La La La that her mother’s wings were slowly fading away
even though her mother’s heart had stopped beating, her soul still lived in her wings
She also explained that the wings were becoming dust because La La La had stopped singing
Once a Shadow Moth falls prey to death
only the wings survive.
La La La put on her mother’s wings and flew back to her father
the Pelican King only to find him deathly ill.
“Oh no Father! Not you too! What must I do?”
La La La cried and sobbed
The Court Jester told La La La that the only way to save her father was to capture
the Queen of the Horrible Humans
The Kingdom of the Horrible Humans lay 2,000 miles south of Pelican Isle
The Horrible Humans were selfish and evil beings with empty hearts
The Queen of the Horrible Humans was the most evil of all
She had slaughtered millions of Mothlicans for pure sport
Many Mothlican warriors had gone and tried to fight the Queen
though they never came back
La La La could not do this by herself
Assigned to the task of capturing the Queen
was Nula the Goddess of Plight and Ark the God of Sight
Both were highly esteemed warriors and the Pelican King’s greatest fighters

It had been a week since La La La came down from the mountain of “Mournings Bone.”
She was tired and confused
Most of all she missed her mother.