room 212

get fucked in a straight jacket…
wrapped up in scattered bible pages…
waiting for the dude with the scrubs who looks an awful lot like a junkie Jesus..
medication in my cheeks fast asleep I want to be
instead of looking like this
waiting like this
with this capitol up my ass it fucking hurts strapped down without cigarettes
blankly staring at the dots in the wall
my friends my forever friends
please find a match so you can light me the fuck on fire

they promised to come
those friends around 9 pm on that day last fucking Thursday
i waited without restraints
they had to tie me down to the piano
getting me to talk

make friends with the black chick who spent time in a LA jail
at least she shares her shit when you dream of eating spit
make the shit say that then bitch
who the fuck you think you talking about?
this language reminds me of all the drunk christmas memories

it was all cool the plum red stuff my sister made
I drank it all thinking of the you the only you
smoke a smoke in the snow no socks
pain for Santa Claus