my home is where I lay with you every night

I don’t mean to be so calloused this rage comes from deep inside my hide
I love you too
when I get rage like by dumpsters I hate myself inside for the way I talk
when we were little my sisters and I had this porch where I never thought about alcohol
when I looked at the stars

I feel like an utter bitch when I yell and scream, it’s like I don’t understand your chocolate
code word for love
I have it figured out

When you are sleeping sometimes and don’t know it
I silently scream at your eyelids hoping to god you don’t wake up
but if you did
We could adopt the Big Dipper as our kid
we could call him Hunter
maybe he could help us find our way back home
it might be hard though, home is not where the heart is
see, my heart is in my body, in your body
my home is where I lay with you every night