it’s not illegal if you don’t go through with it..

wouldn’t it be nice so nice if you could just do whatever the fuck you wanted to do?

if only I could.. if only we could all do it together!


I’d slaughter about 45,000 Juggalo
I would make their tweaker wives watch the “Piano”
give them knives tell them it’s ok to slit one wrists
glass pipe breaking tell me all your problems
I am a doctor you know

I would stroke their hair gently covered in tweaker blood
it’s ok

one by one they would all drop and the K-mart would be filled with tweaker wives
dead bodies
for sale 99 cent underwear worn by Tiffany.. so fucked up so cute so dead

We could all walk into a country bar, a hole in the wall wearing black trenchcoats
shoot all the motherfuckers jacking off to Garth Brooks wearing
those stupid backward hats
force feed them real life while they were dying

so we just ate olives while the motherfuckers who did not give us a cigarette died

oh well what an imaginary place such a happy place where unicorns roam
such beautiful unicorns that these motherfucking tweakers killed