Jason and Christina’s Midnight Poetry Rambles

Jason’s Poetry with words I gave him
1.Thailand, Foster Child, Pervert, Transgender, Drug Addict, Salami, Athens, Pineapple

From Thailand to Athens a transgender foster child gave a pineapple to the drug addict
who craved only kosher salami like the pervert his mother always longed to abort

2. Mika Jones, Wristcutter, Blood, Sexual Healing, Jesus, Mentally Ill, Matzo Soup, Grasp

Jesus needed sexual healing after a spoonful of Matzo ball soup and all that blood so of course he thought of Mika Jones.
In the grasp of his mentally ill wristcutter father all he could think of was he wished he could love you like I love you

3.Miss Piggy, Orgy, Fickle, 1964, Slut

It’s 1964 and the revolution is picking up speed and at it’s forefront is Miss Piggy rabblerouser slut trensetter frog fucker
Her fickle heart leads her from acid trips drunken orgies truly a glutton for punishment

Do you really want to know?
If I was total would you listen?
Do you care to comprehend?
I am at loss for words or perhaps I am just lost
in your words in your mind hoping there is enough room for me
then again it’s likely I am going to stay right here a step away from where I was
nonsense and apathy
my only life long companion
i pray i beg there’s more unable to cash in my overdrawn reality check

Christina’s Poetry with Jason Gave Me
1. Confused, Hopeful, Old

If only growing hopeful
left old out of the way
making confusing less confused

2. At a loss, Deja Vu, Validated

At a loss of appetite deja vu high
validated when I kiss you
wishing I could poor coffee on this nightmare
your kisses like sweet cream fries