Rainbow Ghetto Broken Broken

Jason and I spent our last few hours in the ghetto
writing poetry on each other’s bodies
we fucked behind the police station it was the only way
I could ride the shame hound without crying
little kids with rat tails and dogs with three legs running around in circles
in the street
so sick of finding dead kittens in boxes I wish there was a great house
to put all the unwanted things in like old socks, mental patients that get dropped
off in stations to ask question on why they have no clue where they are
I finally started to soften my lips and truly kiss him
An hour ago I sent him quick minute 25 bucks from western union
hopefully he gets it soon
I can’t sleep without his arms around me, we had been traveling for almost three months
Sick of all those hippie dreaded chicks who travel in greyhounds or cars
you are not a traveler if you have never spent at least 4 days sleeping in a gutter
or a doorway.
Spanging for white boxes dumpster diving for moldy cheese shoplifting moldy cheese

Now I have to try and find a place to live
sleeping in bushes can get wet and bugs suck
I wish I could just break a piece of my bones and plant a shard in the dirt
wait for the rain to fall
a new me
a seed from my bones