Jumping Bean and Her Thirty Six Wishes

There was no once upon a time, it never existed. There was never a princess or a castle or a golden goose. Ramblings of a mad woman called Jumping Bean estranged from society for nineteen years. Locked away in a tower by her insane mother who loved her too much and too deeply.
Stay my little girl forever, fancy a cup of tea won’t you kiss your mother on the mouth
kiss her on her breasts.
The abuse had been a part of Jumping Beans life for thirteen years until her mother came up the tower to kiss her goodnight and reawaken her nightmares an accident occurred and Jumping Bean’s mother’s head went thump thump all the way down ninety eight flights of stairs. It so happened that her mother kept the one key that would let Jumping Bean free in her mouth so Jumping Bean was stuck. Stuck.