97 Syringes

We traveled for 97 days sometimes without each other.. all the way down to Mexico up to Stockton.
I lost my shoes in Stockton, syringe and glass floor galore.
Under the bridge lived a city of droopy people doing drugs
I just sat there and watched, flipped off the guy who kept trying to show me his penis.
There were a lot of dirty old men and their knives, guns in my back, crystal meth palace.
I punched Jason in the jaw disconnected drunk in Monterey, stole a child’s identity
I am seventeen for food
There was a youuth shelter ran by a child molester
My name was Garland and I was a runaway from Chicago.
He kept asking me about Jason and what happened to us in bed, did I like the way Jason made me feel
Did I see us ending up together forever.
My age in actuality him wanting me to be younger lies for food
I wanted to come back with a gun and push all the kids up against the wall
ask him at gunpoint how many kids he had touched.. so many so silent
sick fuck sick sunset

Day sixty five, I bet I was not having a good day, fucking sucks when you wake up on cardboard
rent a cop telling you to leave the property, fucking kid’s like two years younger than me
What I really need is a doll size Juliette Lewis.. fucking bitch can kick ass

I had a pet rat and left her in a box with a drunk legless man named Kiefer
Kiefer went ape shit and bit my rat’s tail off
she died
rat blood crow blood human blood hep c blood aids blood
red blood blue blood pink blood black blood cow blood snake blood dead blood
fox blood
dirty old man blood