Ode To Ethan Cohen

the world is a big world a blue world a damned world
a pretty picture on a wall in a hallway
There is a highway a street car
her name is Liar she burned this blue world down to the empty
Oh grass, the grass is burning a pretty color
Kind of like your eyes, your eyes when they cry
Molten iris lullaby
When the world was dying the people killed people
Thousands of people fell into the sea
Their bodies swam around dead bodies
Sharks sung songs of weeping weaves
There are many questions that the world does answer
She will kill you she will save you
She will haunt you in your sleep

I just watched “No Country For Old Men” tonight and I wrote this poem on my phone… an hour into the movie… I don’t know why.. I just did and this is my first ode to anyone.. I might have had an ode I wrote when drunken a while back but I don’t remember.. I barely remember what I wrote two days ago.