those pills they didn’t taste like candy

i took it
i took those pills they didn’t taste like candy

grape meds

oh ok I am sorry I took the wrong ones
I need a beer
Can I have A pink pill?
forget dreams dream

School? I am supposed to be in school
yet I am here
make the best?

she likes to fuck
she likes to fuck
she likes to fuck

marie loves spoons
plastic ensure
let me out
carrie was sick
sugar was evil
spoons were bad

fist fights craving nicotine not knowing the danger
I’d rather be a virgin behind those glass walls
waiting for paint class
than ever know what it was like to be born again behind corn stalks

chapter one

secret bath… what will staff do when they find us here?
Don’t worry those motherfuckers are so fucked up
water white tub and all those walls
it’s like they put them there for a reason
I can’t
i try to remember
what happened during that bath
but they gave us pills soon after
I never tongued them
I just did it
afraid of those pretty white dresses with straps in that dark cold room

in the hospital for criminals I fell in love with a holy ghost
she had the look she had a book she called her while worth a smile
she killed man because she could she can
she canned a fish and made a dish out of man and fish
it was great when it went passed my lips

ooh yeah but there was Tia she shrank chickens with her liver
red head a preemie whore
I wanted to lick her thighs when she left but she left so I cried
talked to the wall like it was my wall

counting each time I came with droplets from the toilet seat
oh well
my hallucinations

my pottery i made with hummus
only if my parents came to visit
let me the fuck out of this underground hell hole