i do believe i truly loathe all 1960’s blue grass/ hippie music thanks to the failing musical system of seattle wa and all the ugly girls who are delusional and believe that they are pretty in cowboy boots and flowy skirts

get the fuck over yaself you stupid lass with all your sappy love songs you made up on your violin after your hipster boyfriend left you for some japanese art student

seriously.. the whole, “oh I am in a band with my bohemian off and on girlfriend who can play the cello like a drunken hippie slut with no thumbs… we like totally play at all the major venues in seattle… My inspirations are joni and joan… I just love peace and love and thrift shopping with my daddies bank card.. I mean i have had such a hard life growing up.. I feel like my music portrays the pain of the twenty something year old hipster slut bitch with awful sleeve tattoos quite well.”