burning building with dead slugs

//my mind works in such highly sexual sensitive ways sometimes… i try empathy i resort to apathy… fairy tales are combined with the twisted thoughts of a rotting orange sweet but don’t trust it to make you feel all warm and fuzzy… it’s real life sometimes but then it’s all a dream…I want to get along world peace sounds wonderful but I’d also like to see buildings burn…It seems that the world is filled with all sorts of sad creatures.. there are dead animals on every corner in Fresno… find a box with a dead kitten and you are the only one wishing it’s spirit a safe journey to a better place… I know I have found my true love, I know that I am lucky.. I had a rabbits foot when I was nine.. it was soft and orange.. it did not occur to me that it belonged to a rabbit and that somewhere in the ghost world a rabbit was looking for it’s foot…i am so sad.. it’s like it’s in my bones frozen or something..

I want to smush slugs but bring them back to life