imaginary gun baskets of fun oh dear loved ones

the best way to be free is not to lock thy self away in a psych ward and talk to thy self..
it is to talk about the demons inside thy self, anger, sorrow, jealousy and selfishness
to someone who has been there before and understands how horrid it is to be locked away
Inside thy head.

I don’t want to be free locked away running into white walls
imaginary gun baskets of fun oh dear loved ones
i don’t want to be won by love, dangerous I am dangerous

the best way to die is to burn cocoons on pirate ships
infect the dying with hopes of hide and seek me god, here I am
here I always was inside my walls outise my head looking in through other’s
how they see me scares me excites my senses
stimulates my sex thrusting knives into my thy
trying to hide from God my creator my father my killer