My History Of Fuck

fuck myself, i fuck up life, i fuck up directions, I fuck up relationships, i fuck up the simplest things..
I have fucked in bed, on the bed under the bed, against the bed on my many beds
fucked up my arms, fucked up my breasts, fucked up teeth fucked up men
fucked up the kid fucked up my cranium, fucked up my back, fucked up last year and will probably fuck up the next

I have been fucked in movies, fucked on screen, fucked on tape, toilet paper and glass
fucked in front of Jesus, fucked in a tub of bleach, fucked with my head shaved and fucked with my hair blond
fucked myself with short hair and a dollar toy gun

I screamed fuck at the cops, when i kicked the doctor in the face, when the cops threw me down and sprayed me with mace
fuck when drunk fucked up when high, fucked when arrested fuck you why goodbye?

fucked some girls at a bar, stuck my fingers in honey jars
you fucking pay attention to how you make me fucking treat you
you fucking girl, this world is not about you, you fucking girl

I fucked dirty old men with wives with a fetish for knives crunched shirts in my mouth

I fucked like a schoolgirl I fucked like a whore, I hated myself but wanted more