rabbit abortion procedures

Hey, mister bunny head can you come here?
i have the question i found the question

Satiren had been looking for the question
for his whole life

hey, Mr Bunny Head would you please came here?
i had the question i lost the question

Tuesday or was it Saturday?
Time Travel lessons were usually on Tuesdays.
Satiren remembered the last time, it was with mr bunny head

the last time travel with mr bunny head was with the rabbit lady
mr bunny head said he met the rabbit lady at an abortion convention fifteen years ago

The soup kitchen was closed Mr bunny head used to go there all the time to collect dead bunny babies for the church.

Salmo lost his bag of dope in the bathroom, it must have fallen out while he was fucking Claire in the ass.
Salmo met Claire in the garbage, they were in the garbage pile shooting up King Heron
the Heroin black tar that Bird the guy from second sold. The best the finest the cat the can the easy the explode that they call King Heron