Everything is gone nothing good remains
Just shit and pigs
The sound of nothingness
it sounds like this
you make me feel this
Evwerything was good nothing seems the same
Just shit and pigs
The sound of tiredness
you make me feel like this
it sounds like this
Everything is gray nothing threw away
just shit and pigs
The sound of homelessness
it hurts like this
it feels like this

way way way way
down in the ocean of men surfers in california
waving rides with the wind
I liked that skirt I lost on the sand, lost on the boardwalk dancing to the band
I liked that kiss that one sweet thrust the one you fucked me while I sucked your
It felt like that, I liked that felt hat that one we saw while I found that cat
in that cage that wooden thing, I flinged the door open I did
he ran away with that tweaker Asian while I sucked your thumb while you shot your black
You have been the only one in my life that had my back

There have been days where I wanted to jump in the puddle of the open sea
wash me clean me kill me soothe me something help me I can’t speak
it feels like shit
dirty like a pig dressed in red blood on the bed, towel in my hand listen to the band
listen to the whispers of the ones that love me
the way they want the way they think is right
up all night poking pins in my eye