Nonsense? This Is Violet

in the green grass was an apology barely breathing so cold in the morning
striken pale blueish violet napping with dirty condoms
last night was the big party with sorry her best friend at the new club USED UP
on eighth and fletcher
everyone who was nothing who knew someone was there
pale faced and her boyfriend hotplastic with damnbitch and bigdix
slutfox was there with donald her pet dolphin.
an apology was nervous to meet everyone, she hated crowds made her want to vomit
on girl’s like slutfoxes perky tits.

an apology was sick of sorry and her pitiful excuses
blah fucking blah sorry for this sorry said sorry for that
lyre made her believe that sorry was sorry when an apology knew sorry was never sorry
she was only sorry when she got caught and even then she wasn’t truly sorry

an apology woke up closed her eyes breathed in the smell of regret
regret smelled of cranberry soap
an apology opened up her eyes
no sun, no rain just gray
how long had an apology been laying crunched up next to rotting condoms
it was possible that possibility the crazy lady who lived in the trash can knew

an apology wished it was anything but gray
how much did she drink last night?
did she really make out with dav?
he was always an ass a drag took too long smoking never shared never cared to ask
how are you?
it was always about him always about his problems his deal his fucking life

possibility? Can you hear me?
no answer no surprise, possibility might as well be the craziest person
an apology knows
possibility has been living in the trash can for forty years after her daughter was killed
no one knew how

no answer no problem might as well get up and walk back home wherever home was
an apology was living with sorry and her boyfriend O for the last couple years
in their violet van.

an apology walked over to the puddle of spit and blood and dying sea men
found her silver choker immediately put it back on around her neck
her cell phone rang
it was sorry
ring ring oh ring and ring
fuck what the hell sorry!
where the fuck are you?

oh, an apology i am sorry you disappeared last night at USED UP
with two native dudes
i lost you love, i tried calling but it went straight to voicemail
i am sorry so sorry
where are you?

an apology sighed and crushed a peach with her soaked shoes
sorry i am near possibilities house
you know the trash can near the always pile of dying sea men and cum?

oh, right right O and I will be there soon
how soon?
soon enough my love

forty five minutes later sorry an apology and O were in violet the van driving
to pick up damnbitch and bigdix
off to party another night at USED UP