a regular brown egg

Girl is a drunk girl she is a ugly girl when she screams her face becomes all twisted
she thinks she sounds good when she sings the song her boyfriend taught her in a
beat up red car she thought she saw her soul running with a chicken in the yard
but it was an egg, just an egg a regular brown egg

Girl is a stoned girl in her peculiar orange dress she smoked the green from the ground
she ate cupcakes in her mess of a life that was grand when she had a chain of keys
that opened up a door to the outside of the street where she saw just an egg an egg
a regular brown egg she ran up to the chicken that was about to lay an egg

Girl is a junkie with no social skills she scared off that chicken it ran up a hill
to where Jack and Jill met for the very first time they bought that bag for just a dime
the chicken kept on running with Girl close behind please you dropped a feather spare a minute of your time?
I think that egg knows where my soul has gone

Girl was a tired Girl without a egg to keep the chicken ran down the hill by that street
with an egg a regular brown egg just an egg