shut the fuck up

you are a master manipulator.. you throw love out and snap my neck when I refuse to heed your close minded advice on what you BELIEVE i should do…

when I don’t stop you shoot me in two you are an asshole a very sad asshole

I should if I could shoot you in the head fucking asshole succulent pigs

in blue and black such a dirty old man where is your five thousand dollar hat

SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP I can’t hear you speak in such a dark tongue

SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP why can’t you hear me while I beg for mercy


contain us shut up

there is no doubt how much you love to control my love my only love break
it down in pieces so Jesus could see how to truly love someone like me

shut up when I talk to you shut the fuck up when bow to you shut up shut the fuck up
Shut up when I try to think so much dope for this ring shut up shut up
what’s up with you I tried to pour some tea for two but the imprint of your
ass makes me smile
I know that you left with your broken face and that lady who calls herself a pretty lady
just wait until the meth kicks in shut the fuck up

Go away just now I had forgotten how my hands don’t hold on all that great