words from very old men

this is dedicated to cummis the faun

do you like this the way it makes you feel? why don’t you try on what I bought for you? Is it too small? Do you like purple don’t you like what I got you? You are a very speical girl I am an artist too I love this tea it reminds me of my first real girlfriend oh her pussy was almost as sweet as yours. Do you like what I have done with the kitchen it was such a mess when I first moved in. Oh go help yourself I left the bong out for on the counter but please shut the door my neighbor next door can be a real bitch.

Oh gosh you are a real sweetheart a fine piece of ass see how hard you have gotten me? Touch my cock flick it with that tongue… Why the fuck are on the toilet? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? GIVE ME THE KNIFE GIVE THE FUCKING KNIFE YOU CRAZY BITCH.. sorry shh sorry i am sorry i yelled sorry i just don’t understand how you could make so hot and so angry


you don’t get to live here for free you know you got to fill some duties some things need to be discussed. See the rules are made by those who know how to pick the lock pick the lock in heads of those who are stupid stupid like you you never talk you never talk to anybody and we ain’t cool with that down with that or about that to stay in this house we need to use your voice to calm us down to make us think you aight in the head.


there is something wrong with you I won’t give in to what you say you need you need help that’s what you really need have you ever thought about telling something those thoughts you never think but I see you I see you thinking them all the time your eyes flutter and your teeth melt I can tell when you are thinking about the things you never say and that pisses me off tell me something important or don’t fucking tell me anything.

a dollar for a dance a two dollar dance for a dollar dance a forty five minute dance for three dollars for you.

bump bump bump I can’t feel it in me I never saw it in me I was clouded by the fact that it was raining! It is hard to see the sun when you don’t know where to look if the sun died on your birthday.


i had a dream about you it was three weeks i don’t remember what it was about i just remember you face and i thought of you when i woke up.


i will give you two hundred dollars for a session with you? stop pretending to be a little girl come to daddy i will read you story suck on it do you like this? do you like this? what is your problem with daddy stop drinking go smoke more pot i was never a very good father to my eldest we had a fight a couple years ago he reminds me of you suck a bit more we really need to work on your gag reflex.


i live in this trailer and care for josh he drinks too much he drinks all the time the poor kid has issues but not like your issues. i’d have issues to if i wished on burning ball of gas before i went to bed disney made up star light fuck the stars bright the moon doesn’t care if you die tonight.

we’d dance we;d dance and drink pretty drinks with lights and priests. Doctors from the ER in get ups of pink flame and orange spriral spit. Always a fat chick three flamers in tye dye.