the politics of being invisible

never talk about your kids because once you start talking about your kids across the world one person will say my kids are being transported in the underground Mormon railroad or my kids are in a glass gingerbread house in Russia.

It’s all about Jesus Jesus this and Jesus that praise the lord keep the lord close.. johnny rebel is a dog or a god to some. Love everybody hate the ones who will try and steal your wake up in the morning. Keep the level of manifestation high. You have a natural gift.

Remind yourself you are feeling this way because you took these things you are only feeling this way because you took these things…

It’s fine be yourself congratulate yourself pat yourself on the back if you take a deep breath and slowly look around you. You realize that everyone is absolutely nuts.

Once you have established that 95% of the human population is in fact nuts you can now turn your attention on the long road.. the wait of a lifetime.. the journey of becoming “normal.”

Normal can mean having a blue hat that you don’t have to leave behind in a porter potty after you peed and decided that you don’t have enough room to keep the blue hat that the crazy lady in San Fran gave you.

It could very well mean having a baby and calling the baby Lotus Fern shopping for matching North Face jackets.. It could mean being able to do our dishes in a kitchen instead of in a river.. It could mean the end to feeds the dismal nook in the bottom of churches where stuffy old hags that probably haven’t gotten any dick in the last 30 years serve you four day old muffins and tell you to stop doing drugs or you will end up like these people… meaning the ones they are serving.. which makes you wonder why they are serving these people at all.

dealing with cops the mortal foe.. other homeless people the how to guide of fending off tweakers. People are people you soon realize.

As for being homeless you can create a world inside of a world that the world outside does not have a key to get into.

Stay away from places that have syringes syringe caps or passed out people the spot is blown.

Remember you are a shadow of them a memory a future that could be theirs. Remember that once you had what they have maybe not quite what they have but close.

Five dollars is a million and a warm jacket is a blessing.. humility is key especially every second of every day.. remind yourself that sometimes people can be mean but then again so can you.

Stay away from the ones who have purple eyes don’t smile wave or make eye contact. Cops are not your friends they have no right to search your belongings without a proper warrant or cause.

it gets cold sometimes so cold.. the cold gets to people it gets inside their heads and makes them even more crazy.

there is no I in WE and make sure to remember that.

People will try and kill you rape you steal you away and make you theirs. It has happened before and it will happen again.

They do this weird thing cluster in large numbers and praise an unseen force that because of apples gave us a death sentence.

They throw green stuff and gold stuff and give each other guns but on some days they bake big birds and eat them while giving thanks.. it seems forceful it seems hollow and it might make you smile.

No one cares but they do they don’t but then they do. No hears you no one can see you unless they want to see you. Sometimes they can’t even see what is in front of them.

If you scream they will walk past make a noise and they will walk past. It takes an earthquake sometimes to make a heart break.