2012 Wish List

1. Antique Chic Quilt 3 Piece Bed In A Bag Bedding by
Greenland Home Fashions Bedding

2. Dark Green and Black towels

3. A two to three bedroom cozy cottage in the middle of nowhere but close enough to ride into town to pick up groceries,, on busline.. with fireplace and room in back for a small garden. Bathtub a must don’t really care about neighbors don’t plan on getting to know anybody!

4. little bottles to put tiny stones in.. toothpicks twigs glitter and candy canes.. build a covered area in the backyard start building the “Fae Hotel”

5. Plenty of canvas and paint.. prefer charcoal and a spray bottle..

6. Fly to San Diego until the 12th of January and then fly from San Diego to Hawaii for 6 days and then fly back to San Diego until the 24tth and then finally become a relatively sane person with a severe case of Agoraphobia which to be honest is perfectly fine with me.