usually I write stories or poems or rants I hardly ever talk about what is actually going on in my everyday life. Summer I Fall Down is about Jason whom I love dearly. We traveled to California this past summer to go see the ranch that Eugene left for him. It sold and now we are just waiting for the beginning of January.

We got stuck in Stockton and someone stole my shoes at the library so I was barefoot in the city and it sucked since Stockton is one of the WORST places to live or visit in the United States… I smoked crack under the bridge in the dirt while Jason went to the store.. I remember that there was this guy in the bushes waving his hands for me to over I told him to fuck off and that’s when Jason came back.

Even before we left for California while we were still in Seattle for Gay Pride. I was kidnapped by CJ who took me through the looking glass and down a pile of chainsaw stairs.. lucky isn’t quite the word but it works.. I got away and I still don’t know how I managed to do that.

I have regrets right? like I should have never married that guy or dated that guy or did that or did what or what? Still learning about the world keeping my eyes open and my heart even closer. Jason and I have been in a relationship for over a year now, we have been apart for months and both of us have been places where we hope we never go again.

Right now we are making our list and checking it more than twice in hopes we don’t forget anything but what I really want for Christmas is the hope that we will have a better Christmas next year and a better birthday since his birthday is Dec 28th..

We slept on the streets in San Fran with Solo we found Solo again during our stay at Occupy Portland. Personally I don’t much for Solo he hates women beat his ex near death at the Safeway in Portland