Summer I Fall Down

My mother was a crack whore my grandparents told me I was born in a trash can. My grandparents cut off all contact with my mother after she stole two thousand dollars out of the safe in the garage. They raised me though they did not love me and they made sure to remind me of that. My grandmother cheated on my grandfather with his brother and had my mother. Grandfather always told me I was a bastard even though I had a father who never was much of a father anyways. Granfather hated his wife she hated him and both of them hated me but they still took care of me which I never could understand. My mother was a genius when she was sixteen full of promise eager to learn and that’s when she ran into my father and they fucked fought then fucked some more. She loved my father and he loved her but the drugs fucked his head up and he went away. I last saw him when I was three, at the hospital he tried to give me a hug, he squeezed too hard..

He almost broke my neck.

Dad died last year he left me a ranch in the middle of nowhere.
Thirty years since we saw each other all that acid all of those apple trees

Mom came back one year to say hello to me.. she looked pretty much the same she looked like shit. She said she was living with MIKEY her new boyfriend and wanted me to come live with her for a while. MIKEY was a Mexican biker who chained smoked TURKISH cigarettes. MIKEY liked to keep me locked in the closet with HIS rats sixteen of them they bit me. MIKEY really wasn’t my mom’s boyfriend he was her pimp.. I slept on the side the bed kissed the wall and when they thought I was sleeping.. they fucked right next to me.. I was four years old when I heard the word.. GOD.. oh GOD.. yes yes yes.

Every night was the same lock me up with HIS rats MIKEY drunk stumbling laughing beating my mother burning my naked body with his TURKISH cigarettes.