masquerade ball for sea turtles and their significant others

It was a Tuesday when Jene committed suicide
she used the razor
she shaved her head with
two days after Christmas
Jene received everything she wanted
a purple knit sweater a set of spoons

dad was getting drunk
mom was passed out with her hand up her skirt
It was digusting it was normal
Jene saw it was snowing red flakes
she went to sleep dreaming of florida
in florida on a beach somewhere in that hot white trash glitzy haven for retirees
There was a secret beach for good and noble sea turtles
She read an article at
Anthony’s house fell in love with the idea of good and noble sea turtles
decided the only way to truly get there
to experience the joys of sea turle royalty was to commit suicide
then she would come back as a sea turtle princess
Jene supposed that killing ones self would piss God as she knew him off
so she came up with the idea to give God her heart
in exchange for becoming a sea turtle princess
Jene had always had a crush on God
To her God was hot he was the real deal he was a sexy God
I mean he had to find Jene attractive right
Jene thought to herself before she slit her throat

It was a glittery black when Jene woke up
She was not in the ground nor was she on a cloud she was in a backpack
There were coffee grounds silver walnuts
a butterfly with a hangover coughing in the corner of the backpack.
Excuse me sir? Where are we?
Fuck it you are in God’s backpack
well you are a suicide aren’t you?
well yes how did you know?
well your throat seems a little gashed and swollen
oh yes I did what about you? I didn’t know butterflies could talk
they can we can but on earth humans can’t understand but here in Gods backpack we can
well why are we in a backpack?
oh all things that die must be go on a hike with god up to the stars
he asks us what we want most and if he agrees he gives us a piece of a star
then he sends us on our way
I see so what happened to you I mean how the hell did you end up here
well I fell in love with a bee and we were close fucking close
I came home from work and I found the bitch of a bee fucking my brother
I screamed threw the honey all over the place
killed her
my brother slashed my wings off with her stinger and I died
Oh my goodness I am so sorry
fuck it I am over it she was a bitch I am glad she is dead but I am not sure of this
I mean she cheated on me right?
Jene and mr butterfly sat in silence
outside she could hear nothing
the fall of the rain hello
excuse me but how long are we going to be in here?
well why the hell are you asking me?
do I look like I know?
well how long have you been here?
I have no idea

It could have been days it could have been years it could have been five minutes
Jene had no idea how long she waited in that backpack.
She only knew that she had to give her heart to God
to show him how much she deserved to become a sea turtle princess.
It did not happen suddenly it did not happen soon.
When a large shiny hand reached into the backpack and pulled Jene out.
She did not scream she was not even in shock she was just glad to be out of that backpack.
The hand carried her over mountain made out of sugar and a lake made out of blood.
She fancied herself a bird for only six minutes
the hand let her go
she fell into a bottomless pit filled with blueberry scented markers.