junk house

asshole joseph went that way he had to grab his keys it’s his turn to buy the beer
I thought maybe while he was gone maybe you know
we could have ourselves a little party?
You aren’t like the girls around here you still have your teeth.

Fuck the last time I fucked some pussy was six weeks ago
my buddy Nate brought some chick he met at a hip hop club in Kansas
she had a shaved head it was different but she was cool she liked Kenny Chesney she was alright but her pussy was dank man just dank
she was the first girl I wanted to cuddle with
she was the first girl that I kissed after I fucked her ass
asshole joseph got her fucked up on X and took her duck hunting.
He came back alone I guess she freaked the fuck out when she shot her first duck shot herself in the head asshole joseph said not to worry about the body
the bears will get her before the sun goes down.