it rains for sure

Rehab coffee tastes of disappointment the sugar never stirs right
when the old man gives you the cup you know it is his last meeting
Sheila is here for the same reason George can’t see his kids
Debbie always fixates her life problems on the faces of men she finds attractive
the clapping the sniffling the grunts the same guy who talks to himself fixing his cup
of disappointment
Neil’s higher power is the football team that never wins
Neil slams his fist causing his cup of disappointment to fall
break upset all over Frank’s card game he plays by himself every day
shut the fuck up Neil no one cares nobody ever cared

Then Karen and Madison come to save the day with their pink sweatpants
oh Bill how are you? Hello Steve how are you? kiss kiss
makes me want to punch Neil but Neil had it coming
time for the meeting to start time for bullshit to fly time for someone people to accept the fact that they should just probaby die