addiction beach

by the beach in the rain I think of sucking your cock
please don’t be mad at my addiction truly it is not my fault
the beer falls down I fall down my body is wet
isn’t that way you truly like me best?
dreary little dreary nobody to shank
hunger in my belly thinking of sliding up and down on your cock
please don’t listen to the demons inside your head they used to live with me
they sucked me dry laughed at me at my worst and stole my feelings hung them dry
darling seriously I have you and you have me I never really thought
I would have anybody and like you tell me neither did you
This alcohol addiction just wants company it just wants mouths to feed
fun times funnier times fucking fun times
adventures are the stories you don’t want to tell
like the time we hitched a ride from the two heroin dealers in Salem

speak a spanish

they did for about forty five minutes you talk I sleep where are we going?

here we are going here slow mode wait under rain crave rainbows dead fish
under the overpass we find a place to sleep fit for a junkie whore
found the body didn’t tell anybody but the crazy blind man playing his help me help me
he laughed and said those junkie whores seem to get crowned there all the damn time
though their reign never lasts more than two weeks
you see the cops come find the bodies crew comes people come watch take pictures
then it is all back to normal until they find the next one

I fed him while drunk praying for the souls of dead pelicans
makeshift grave yard for those poor birds call out their names wait for maintenance
nobody around here speaks bird

then the clouds fell all around our little makeshift camp under baseball bleachers
tweakers and rum galore
Monterey Bay has the strangest street people there is a mad Texan a lawyer who loves them all gives them advice drinks their booze and bums their smokes

we were drunk at least I was but it was sweet it was good I remember tumbling down a ladder into your arms
we fucked nine times until the storm passed
I had a feeling it was going to come back
it did in a shape of a pretty girl

she looked like the devil in a seal skin dress
kissed me with a mouthful of seaweed
I almost choked then I remembered my one wish that the lady sewing horses at the Gathering gave me

Give me gills so I can breathe when I try unknowingly drown in alcohol
felt like Christmas me in a pretty dress you stringing me by the neck
oh darling you are the prettiest angel I have seen