And Other Magic Tricks

It’s the seventh of the month and I have had sixteen strange dreams in two days. We have been together now for thirteen months my longest relationship ever. I can not imagine my life without you still I crave some time by myself not for long just for a tiny bit. Though after five minutes it would be weird and I’d start stammering bumping into things eyes all around me Where are you? Why am I here? What are all these people doing here? The social anxiety that I deal with every day will burst out of my orfices and cause me to regret wanting alone time. Scarecly breathe manage a smile it’s shaky but it will do find my way back to you sleep it off and try again the next day to walk without dying.

April was the month of cages it was hot and orange. Girls chewed Dear Jane letters jolly rancher dildo. I could make out the reflection of the cherry tree behind my hands hoping to cry hoping to wake up.

March was madness mental hula hoop twirled by a pretty girl in plastic gems stuck to her inner thigh. We ran around like wildfire worshipping our bravery with dirty boys and their tongue rings